This year 2021, I made a decision to transition from front-end web development to product design. This decision came with lots of speculations and self-doubt as to whether I can push through or not, but I am glad to be doing it afraid.

During the course of my research on programs I can take, I stumbled on thezuritraining ads on Twitter, it was just at the right time that I needed to start learning. Zuri is 4 months virtual training program for people that are looking to start a career in tech.

The zuri team partnered with ingressive for good to make the program completely free for the whole of 4 months.

So far, I am glad to be a part of the over 18,000 people giving the opportunity to learn a high-level skill completely free. The first week is the orientation and a lot has been said, resources shared and lots of like-minded people to create a team with.

Finally, I must say the program has pushed me to write my first article which is obviously this lol, I have always had a fear for writing. I hope this first one serves as a stepping stone for me to overcome that fear and ultimately write better articles. Also, this would be my first time drafting a CV.

All thanks to the Zuri training.



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